Nihon Kohden Neurofax EEG-9100 Portable Digital EEG Machine *Certified*

Nihon Kohden Neurofax EEG-9100 Portable Digital EEG Machine *Certified*
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Product Description:

Nihon Kohden Neurofax EEG-9100 Portable Digital EEG Machine *Certified*

Nihon Kohden Neurofax EEG-9100 Portable Digital EEG machine is certified to proper operating specifications, in excellent condition, and warranted.

Nihon Kohden Neurofax EEG-9100 Portable Digital EEG Machine Features:

Nihon Kohden Neurofax EEG-9100 is a Windows XP notebook PC based EEG with high performance and expandability with optional hardware and software. Neurofax allows EEG testing anywhere.

* Complete system

o Neurofax is a complete and ready to use system. It comes with a notebook PC unit, isolation power supply, advanced electrode junction box and necessary standard accessories and standard software. A complete range of optional accessories and cart are also available.

* Portable and lightweight you can easily carry a complete system in a car or airplane

* Clean signal acquisition in any environment

o Quality EEG recording is assured even in the electrically noisy OR or ICU. Neurofax has high performance, high sensitivity amplifiers, high frequency and simultaneous sampling, an ECG rejection filter, shielded electrodes and a high performance electrode junction box with USB connection.

* Multi-function electrode junction box (JE-921A)

o 25 EEG, 14 bipolar (7 pairs), 4 DC, SpO2, CO2 connectors

o Economical use the same junction box for routine EEG and PSG

o USB connection

* 8 channel DSA trendgraph

* 64 channels plus 1 event marker channel display

* Standard Windows networking

* Digital video option

* EEG Examination Support software (QP-150AK)

o Adult seizure detection and review

o Voltage mapping

o EEG central monitoring

* Automatic photic stimulation

* EEG Scope review previous EEG while monitoring and acquiring new EEG

* Open up to 4 EEG files at the same time

* Trace annotation and fast jumping to events

* Convenient and efficient review with optional software

o Optional software: FOCUS analysis software, spike detector software for on and off line spike detection, Polysmith sleep analysis software

o You can turn a PC into a remote EEG review station with the optional Review Station software

* Montage map

* Note windows lets you copy any part of the waveform window

* 3-D voltage mapping displays voltage maps in 6 different views or a sequence of voltage maps in one view

* Wireless input unit option