Stryker Dual SmartPump Tourniquet System *Certified*

Stryker Dual SmartPump Tourniquet System *Certified*
Item# stryker-smartpump-tourniquet-system

Product Description:

Stryker SmartPump Tourniquet System is certified to Proper Operating Specifications, in Excellent Condition, includes Mobile Cart and Warranty.

Manufactured: 2013

Stryker SmartPump Tourniquet System: The Stryker SmartPump Tourniquet System Continuously Monitors and Controls Tourniquet Pressure during surgeries. The system supports Single and Dual-Channel options and can communicate with OR Software Systems. After surgery this data can be printed and integrated with patient records.

Stryker Dual SmartPump Tourniquet System Features & Benefits:

  • Large LED Screen Display
  • Minimizes staff training through Simple Cuff Controls
  • Displays and Stores Reliable, Real-Time Data
  • Includes a 5-Hour, Internal Battery Backup
  • Interfaces with Printer and External CIS Devices